FSP provides diverse adapters to fulfill your demand for various applications. Comprehensive product line covers popular output voltages from 5V to 48V and power range from 10W to 220W.



We delivery numberous industrial power supplies to meet various servers, storages and networking applications. The customers will be happy to see our products' long-life time running result.



We are capable of accomplishing wide range of power supply wattages in design. With 20 years experience, FSP has confidence in handling ODM/OEM project well to fulfill customer expectation.


LED Lighting

We provide comprehensive and flexible LED Driver solutions that fit your needs in lighting applications. We emphasize on robust design, highest reliability and excellent dimming solutions.



FSP has verious wattage & form factor for desktop application; we focus on high efficiency and reliability feature to provide high-value solution to customer.



FSP has serveral online, line-interactive or offline standby UPS systems, they are suitable for the customers to supply immediately power to maintain normal operation.


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